We do not have an exact date yet. The game will be available in Early Access on Steam.

We believe that player feedback is a very important part of game development. Having the game released in early access will grant further testing with our community and placing the game in the right direction. We will take player feedback and implement future patches based on this. By involving the players directly in our video game development, we are certain that this will in turn create the overall experience for the players and make the game what it will be until the full release.

We have planned many cool features in preparation for the full release of the game. We don’t want to include everything in the early access. More fun awaits.

Yes. The players getting involved at early access will pay a fee of £19.99. We plan on making the full release based on a higher figure, however not too much more expensive than the above.

You can follow our social media pages and engage directly with us there. We take in a lot of feedback into account. You can of course join our discord server and the latest updates here will grant you faster access to the latest information.

Discord: link coming soon.

Yes, UTM is a Play to Earn, meaning when you buy the game, all content is free when you have earned enough experience and player level. All brand new DLC will have an additional fee. This will include new levels (based on a real place) and new characters (based on real people). However, we will also be updating the game with FREE content along the way!

Yes, there will be a store in the game where you can purchase exclusive and rare items. These items will have a limit on them so you will need be fast when purchasing!